My focus is on crafting tailor-made vacations with style and substance. You are a discerning traveler, and I want to ensure that your every travel dream comes true, whether that means receiving a personalized blessing during a unique ceremony in a small Hindu temple on a side street in Delhi or sipping the perfectly chilled cocktail on an exquisite sandy beach during your private island escape … and everything in between.

You know what luxury, service and perfection mean to you. My job is to translate those dreams into reality by crafting the tailor-made itinerary that will absolutely blow you away and will create treasured memories for years to come. (With, of course, as little effort as possible on your part!)

My services are perfect for travelers who want it all — the comfort and luxury of the world’s most amazing hotels, insights and deep knowledge from personal guides, the simple deliciousness of street food and a true understanding of the complexity of a different culture.



The first time I ever stepped onto an airplane, I was 12 years old and leaving my home in the U.S. to move to Singapore with my family. Yep, my first-ever flight was one of the longest flights in the world! Go big or go home, right?

That’s maybe not the most poetic way to describe my travel philosophy, but it definitely works! As both a traveler and a travel consultant, travel to me is about going big — crafting an itinerary that is chock full of big memory-making moments. (Meeting Lakshmi over there to the left and taking a walk through the jungle by her side was definitely one of those BIG moments for me!)

Because of that, I’m always on the lookout for the “best,” — the best hotel, the best food, the best guides, the best experiences, the best service. But more than that, I’m 100% focused on what “the best” means to you! This is not about simply booking the top-ranked hotel on some ratings site; it’s about figuring out what makes a hotel the best for YOU. And the best way for me to do that is for us to chat! So click the button below so that we can get started creating some of your favorite memories.