Maybe this is your first time working with a travel consultant, or maybe you’re a seasoned pro. Either way, chances are you want to know more about how I work. The steps below will give you some insight into what to expect as we craft your tailor-made itinerary, but feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!



If you’ve explored my website a bit or maybe even chatted with me via phone or email, and you’re ready to talk about a specific trip you have in mind, the first step is for you to fill out my Client Questionnaire. I’ll warn you - it’s pretty detailed. But the more I understand what you want from your trip, the better I’m going to be able to deliver. Once I receive your completed questionnaire, I’ll reach out to set up a time for us to chat. I’ll clarify any questions I have about your trip, discuss the details of fees and timelines, and I’ll answer any questions you may have for me before we get started.

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If our consultation leaves us both excited to move forward, it’s time to make it official! Once we decide to work together, I’ll send you an invoice for my design fee so that we can get started, request any additional details or specifics I might need to move forward, and from that point on, I’ll be your personal travel consultant.

This step is often completed at the end of the Consultation, simply because we’re both so excited about the possibilities, but don’t worry! If you’re not ready yet, my quoted design fee is good for up to two weeks after our call.



This is when the real work begins for me. I’ll reach out to my contacts, conduct my own personal research, and pull it all together into a beautiful online proposal for you to peruse. Once you have an opportunity to read through the proposal, let me know your thoughts! My hope is that you will be blown away from the start, changes and tweaks are always a part of the process. We won’t move on to the next step until you feel inspired by the trip you’re about to take.



Once every detail makes your heart skip a beat, I’ll begin the process of finalizing all of the pieces of your trip. You’ll receive confirmations for each element of your vacation — from hotels and tours to flights and ground transportation. If you want restaurant reservations in some or all of your destination, I’ll handle that as well, and any special requests you may have will be confirmed at this stage too.



With every detail perfectly planned, all that’s left is for you to go and experience! Before you leave, be sure to download my custom itinerary app so that you’ll have access to every detail of your tailor-made vacation at your fingertips. The app also allows you to message me should you have any questions, and I’ll be available via phone and email during your trip. Best of all, all of my travelers receive 24-hour, in-destination support during their trip. I can’t wait to hear about your amazing getaway!


Ready to get started?

If so, just click the button below to be taken to my Client Questionnaire, fill it out, and I’ll be in touch so we can move on to Step 2!


My fee for building your custom-designed, obsessively researched itinerary begins at $200.